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About us

ecofillers is committed to the growth of the best quality limonium in Colombia. The company dates back to 2004 when it started with half a hectare. Today we have eight hectares in full production.

We are located in Suesca- Cundinamarca to the north of Bogota's savanna.


Our farm is 100% hydroponic with drip irrigation that allows us to have complete control of water and fertilizers, protecting our environment and resulting in  a great quality product.


In ecofillers the well-being of our workers is our priority and conviction.

Our employees  are the motor of our company, and they contribute to make the quality of our flowers the best in its kind.


We believe : "The well- being of our workers is the well-being of our company"

Our classification, treatment, packing, cooling and transportation systems guarantee that our flowers arrive to their destination in perfect conditions. 

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